Friday, March 31, 2006

Yes, I already need a vacation

To celebrate this blog's one-week anniversary, I'm off to Miami (sans computer) for a few days. I've been gratified by the reaction: after a mere four days of existence, Cloyce's Coffee Klatsch and its formerly humble operator was mentioned in a round-up on

Interestingly, the week's most-viewed post this past week was "Reading, Writing, and Crystal Methematics," my mid-week triptych describing the latest lunacies of Ann Coulter and two lesser known havens of ill repute, Hugh Hewitt and Howard Kaloogian.

While I'm away, I'll be comforted by this post by author Keith Boykin, on his vibrantly techicolor Web site, pointing out a much-overlooked aspect of our President's competence:
If there's one thing George W. Bush has done well, he has united the Democratic Party against him. And even more importantly, he has helped to create more Democrats than the Democrats could have done on their own.
Check out Keith's post and the story to which he links. See--Georgie can do something right! Keith adds some appropriately cautionary remarks, however, and we need to do something about one faux Democrat from Connecticut who refuses to rally to the cause.

Even so, just thinking about this latest trend among American voters will make my vacation all the more enjoyable. Until next week...