Saturday, July 08, 2006

Love Trainwreck

slightly revised, with additional quote

I've been too busy with work to attend to my irregularly scheduled blogging duties, but I'm not too busy to check out Atlas Shrugs, the very personal site of our favorite right-wing hippie-chickhawk.

And she comes through again, with a video clip of her own bad self, "singing" and dancing to "Love Train" (with the lyric changed, natch, to "Islam all over the world").

You'll recall from my previous post that Pamela has been serving up double portions of politics to her pro-abstinence, post-adolescent adulators. ("Pamela, you move really nicely and your smile is gorgeous. Well, among other things," sighs one, typing with his free hand.)

While there's no denying that she does have her handful of geeky fans, it's clear that Pam remains deluded in the belief that the increased traffic to her blog is a sign of approval and popularity rather than disbelief and horror. Grown men have been known to weep.

Indeed, her videos have transcended their origins as forces of nature; they have been known even to perform miracles:

I'm reconverting to Christianity because I'm terrified of being in hell. And why does being in hell scare me so, you ask? Because I know that Satan will strap me down to a burning lava chair and force me to watch Atlas Pam's vlogs over and over again... forever.
So saith the Blessed Brad, newly beatified cohost of Sadly No.

Other pagans remain alarmingly cynical, such as this commenter at Glenn Greenwald's blog:

Somewhere in New York or New Jersey a crystal meth dealer has hit the jackpot.
The possibility of nasal infusions aside, you have to give Pamela credit: she has no shame about having no shame--and few people could make such a claim, at least without plagiarizing. This is, after all, a woman who repeatedly and unabashedly refers to Jews as "the Jews." (Her tone-deaf semi-literacy knows few limits: in her video earlier this week, she refers to Muslims as "Islamics.") Pamela is fearlessly comfortable in her belief that any diverse group of people can be reduced to a monolithic entity. To wit:
Now if only the Jews could rid the world of Islamic Jihad.............
or this rare gem of critical interpretation:

John Bolton came out strong for the culture of life, the importance of one life. It defines the Jews.

or, more astonishingly, this:

But the left wing Jews are impossibly suicidal.

Since Pamela is so talented at painting her world with such broad strokes, we can only look forward to her comments on "the women."

And, as a special bonus, I'll share my thoughts about "the gays."