Friday, March 24, 2006

The last refuge of the scoundrel

Back in his old playpen, Ben Domenech answers his critics and justifies his past misdemeanors, and in the middle of it all he just flat-out lies about an article he "wrote" for the New York Press earlier this year:
The Left has also accused me of foisting Sen. Frist quotes and some descriptive material from the Washington Post for a New York Press article on the Capitol Shooter. But the quotes I used were either properly credited or came from Sen. FristÂ’s press conference, which I attended along with many other reporters. So it is no surprise that we had similar quotes or similar descriptions of the same event.
Domenech's sole reference to The Washington Post in his New York Press article, however, most certainly does not justify the extent of the "descriptive material" (about 250 words) that is lifted, much of it word for word, from the original article that appeared three years earlier; the result is a textbook example of "unfair use." See the side-by-side comparison compiled by the blogger Your Logo Here, who adds, correctly:
"My stars, a citation!!!" But I wonder how BenDom's colleagues at the Washington Post feel about his plagiarizing their work.
Moreover, I'm in complete agreement with Josh about Domenech's insufferable "vainglory" (and I hereby offer full attribution for this post's Ben Johnson headline from Josh's own post).

It's wicked enough that Mr. Domenech tries to justify even his most recent acts through obfuscation and misdirection, but his unapologetic parting shot at his critics ("I take enormous solace in the fact that you spent this week bashing me, instead of America") would make the likes of Abramoff and DeLay proud. Has Ken Mehlman been conducting extra-credit after-school courses for boyish apprentices whose only professional experience has been in disseminating falsehoods and leading double lives? (They used to be called con-men before they became neocon-men.)

I'm sure it's not the last we'll hear from this mealy-mouthed mountebank (although it's the last I'll write about him, at least for the near future), but let's never forget that he has clearly learned absolutely nothing from his mistakes.