Monday, July 27, 2009

2012: We Were Warned

Last night before we saw "Harry Potter and the Half-Drunk Kids*," we were treated to 532 trailers for forthcoming movies, and we yawned through the Emmerich model-kit destruction called "2012" because deep down we New York liberals in the audience harbor a secret: we know that the truly horrific juggernaut in that pivotal year won't be the end of civilization predicted by peyote-popping Mayans but rather the fearsome Unstoppable Candidate herself, Sarah of Palin, the prospect of which sends terror into the meth-raced hearts and LSD-laced minds of hippies everywhere (as TBogg disgracefully confesses, probably after one of his daily waterboarding procedures). Also.

* Favorite line in the insipid New York Times "news" article by Tara Parker-Pope about inebriated wand-wielders: "“in a world where dark wizards are kidnapping or killing people on a regular basis, a little under-age drinking is the least of their problems." (via Atrios) Otherwise, the entire piece must have been written in a bar, on a napkin.