Monday, May 18, 2009

Relaunch: The Maureen Dowd Edition

I've been crazy with work for the last few months--not to mention the fact that I've been so gobsmacked by the GOP's insistence on following the Federalists and Whigs into oblivion that I really haven't had anything truly inspirational to add to the melee. But it has been bizarrely fun watching Dick Cheney come out of "retirement" once again to treat us all to a final Death Tour.

(It does seem we need to revise the old joke about what will left after a nuclear attack: cockroaches, Cher, and Cheney.)

Still, I can say that I was never so desperate for copy as was Maureen Dowd, who wholly lifted, without attribution, another blogger's post--and then basically lied about the cut-and-paste job, claiming that the paragraph was somehow passed along, verbatim, in the Beltway society version of telephone.

This blog started in response to plagiarism and I suppose it's only proper that I relaunch it on the same theme.

Also: One blog I've been reading with increasing regularity in recent months is Balloon Juice. John Coles's frequent reminder to his readers that he's often been wrong is both refreshing and endearing. Move over, David Brock!