Sunday, April 01, 2007

Only 21 Days Before Earth Day... *

... but it's already time to get down and party:
A new venue occurring on the same day called “Live Lies” will seek to discredit the green celebration and offer even more incentives for people to attend. Just as Live Earth has its list of celebrity organizers, Live Lies organizers were quick to point out their own star-studded board. “Senator Jame Inhofe and Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerman are on board,” commented Communications Manager Mitch Parker. “We’ve also got Tucker Carson and Ann Coulter ready to MC the event. We think their edgy humor will bring a level of levity that Live Earth just will not have.”

This event promises to be as thrilling as "Dancing with the Stars" meets "The Gong Show." And maybe Rex Tillerman will perform his rendition of the MC Rove Rap. All the kids are doing it.

Meanwhile, the Space Cowboy shows some love to Senator Inhofe, who is trying to prevent "Live Earth" from happening on the Capitol Grounds:

Here's the deal, Inhofe: The concert is still going to happen, the issue will still be front and center, and you'll still be a cranky dick.

What the godless Mr. Cowboy seems too dense to understand is that Inhofe is valiantly defending the Oklahoma's tourist industry, specifically its Dust Bowl Heritage Theme Park, the existence of which is in jeopardy because of Al Gore's utterly selfish mission to save the rest of the planet. If these ecoterrorists arent't stopped--and soon--Oklahoma could end up looking like a Amazonian rainforest (and, unless you're Ben & Jerry--or Sting--where's the money in that?).

* Before getting your knickers in a twist, figure out what day falls 21 days before Earth Day.