Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Silver Linings in the Mist and Crows in the Graveyard

It's unseemly for a gentleman to gloat.

Fortunately, this jaded diva from the Bronx Manhattan Brooklyn (I need to stop moving) has never been burdened with the sobriquet of gentleman and has no desire to become one anytime soon. So let's start off with this blast from the past from Brian the Boobhead Baptist:
Top 10 Reasons Katherine Harris Will Beat Bill Nelson
Fresh from the Katherine Harris website, are the 10 reasons why Katherine Harris will beat Bill Nelson. I provide it here for you liberals and naysayers that think Harris can't and won't win. We will see you in November.

You go, girl! Well, it's November, Brian, and I'll see you Harris and raise you Santorum (and Rumsfeld and Pombo and Doolittle and Ney and Foley and Tenant and Delay and Sweeney and Weldon and Sherwood and if I keep going people will think I'm a high-stakes gambler like William Bennett).

Showing that absolutely nothing can keep him down, Brian today boasts of a "Great Republican Night - November 7, 2006" because the GOP managed to retain their hold on most of the races on his little streetcorner in Southwest Knox County, Tennessee. Hire this man as manager for the nearest Silver Lining Department Store!

But the Nostradamus Award goes to Mark Noonan, who bravely offered this bit of prescient wisdom the morning of the election (and was immediately mocked for it by Glenn Greenwald):

As for me, this is a great day to be a Republican - I've been talking big about how well we're going to do and my faith, shaken from time to time, never failed. Now it is to be put to the acid test - we shall know within 24 hours of this writing if I've been whistling past the graveyard, or have been realistic in my predictions. I'm standing by my words: the GOP gains seats in both Houses. [emphasis added simply out of spite]

Today, Mark insists that's it's still A Great Time to be a Conservative Republican, perhaps because he has surveyed the landscape and has discovered belatedly that there aren't that many of them around anymore.

But (who knew?) he's an epicure, too:

First off:
Mmmmmm; nummy, nummy crow! Best I ever tasted!
Nice first step, Mark. Now about that graveyard...