Monday, November 06, 2006

Mommy, Did the President Just Fart?

It would appear so. How else to explain the decision of Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist to avoid the "expected 10,000-person crowd that Bush was expected to draw at the Pensacola Civic Center." At the widely publicized rally, Bush was scheduled to introduce Crist, who opted instead to attend a bake sale in Delray Beach (or something like that).

So Bush--and the crowd--turned the event into an impromptu performance of Katherine Harris's "I Love Jews" concert tour.

And Crist's refusal to stand downwind from our rank President apparently incited Rove to a rare, unscripted outburst in front of the cameras:
Asked what the Crist cancellation meant for Bush, Rove said "Let's see how many people show up in Palm Beach on 24 hours notice versus 8 or 9,000 people in Pensacola." Rove also said to ask Crist's people why they cancelled. The pool producer noted that Rove was "a little uppity" in his response.
Some folks are getting a little testy...